Terrestrial List

Bletia florida4” pot$24.00
Bletia patula4” pot$24.00
Bletia patula alba4” pot$24.00
Bletia purpurea4” pot$28.00
​Bletilla ochraceaB.S.$22.00
Bletilla striata​B.S.$22.00
Cynorkis fastigiata4” pot
​Cynorkis uncinata4” pot$28.00
​Eulophia petersii4” pot$28.00
​Habenaria medusa4” pot$18.00
​Habenaria rhodocheila (Pink clone)4” pot​$18.00
​Habenaria rhodocheila (Orange clone)​4” pot​$18.00
​Habenaria rhodocheila (Yellow clone)4” pot​$22.00
​Oeceoclades roseovariegata (compot of three plants)4” pot
​Pecteilis susannae ‘Green Flower’4” pot​$35.00
​Sarcoglottis septrodes4” pot.
​Sobralia callosa4” pot$28.00
​Spathoglottis deplanche4” pot​$24.00
​Spathoglottis plicata4” pot​$22.00
Spathoglottis plicata alba4” pot​$24.00
Stenoglottis longifolia4” pot​$24.00

*B.S. = blooming size plant which has bloomed previously or should bloom during next bloom cycle.
*Div. = division of larger plant
*B.R. = bare root division of 3 or more psuedobulbs
*Mtd. = mounted on a tree fern or cork slab.
*Pot size is the minimum size and actual plant sent may be in a larger pot.  If this will be a problem please advise before finalizing order.