This is a list of plants that I currently have in flask.  If you have an interest in any of the items I can pull the largest plants from a flask and send them bare-root or I can prepare a flask with a limited number of plants in it for you.  In-flask shipment of plants is not recommended and it is best if you can arrange to pick up flasks in person at the greenhouse if you do not want plants shipped bare-root.  The size is an approximation and will be the minimum size.  These are not recommended

for beginners and there are no returns for these items.

Plant NameSize*
Bulbophyllum agastor¾”3
Bulbophyllum digoelense1”4
Bulbophyllum erubescens1”4
Bulbophyllum orthosepalum¾”5$20.00
Dendrobium kingianum var. silcockii¾”8$20.00
Trias cambodiana¾”5$18.00
Trias nasuta¾”5$18.00

*Size is approximate and size is based on last observation of flask and is the average size.  Plants may be essentially the same or there may be individual plants that are larger than the norm.