How To Order

We are a “boutique” nursery.  We have a small greenhouse and normally will only have a few or only one of any item.  The inventory listed will be updated as often as possible but items listed are subject to availability and we recommend that you follow these directions for best results.  Send your “proposed” order to us by email and we will review it and confirm that we have the items you have requested and make any adjustments to the shipping costs.  You can then arrange payment.  At this time we can only accept checks, money orders or payment through PayPal.  If you wish to pay by personal check we will hold your order a reasonable amount of time so payment can be mailed to us.  You are welcome to call us during regular business hours (9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on Monday through Friday and 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Saturday).  If no one answers leave a call-back number, the best time to call back and a short message and we usually return calls within 24 hours.  Please be patient if you asking about things like the intergeneric Oncidiums.  Unless the plant is blooming they all look pretty much alike and it may take time to locate a particular plant.  Please note the following terms and conditions.  If you have questions about size or growing habits of the plants requested this is the time to ask.


1. There is no minimum order but orders totaling less than $50.00 may be charged a $5.00 surcharge on shipping.  Orders will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday after payment is received.  

2. Payment may be made by check, money order or PayPal.  If you are using PayPal and paying by PayPal balance or checking account pay the amount due.  If you are using PayPal to pay using a credit card there will be a 4% additional charge.

3. Oklahoma customers will be charged Oklahoma sales tax based on the point of delivery.  If you do not know what the sales tax rate is for your town and county we will calculate the amount due.  Out-of-state customers are not required to pay any sales tax at this time.

4. We only fill domestic orders at this time, no foreign orders accepted.  We cannot ship to Hawaii, Arizona or Alaska at this time; these states require additional inspections and/or documentation which increase the costs.  This list is subject to change.

5. Orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise noted.  For winter shipments we suggest FedEx overnight or we will hold until weather moderates.  We do not recommend winter shipments and cannot guarantee safe delivery.  We recommend that you obtain shipping insurance for winter orders.  Shipping and packing costs for orders is based on size and weight.   Most orders of 2-3 plants will be between $13.60 for smaller plants and $18.85 for larger plants.  Very large plants may require shipping by FedEx or UPS and will cost more.

6. We make efforts to ensure that plants are healthy, pest free and correctly labeled but I am not a taxonomist and plants are often obtained from other wholesalers and exporters.  If you are unhappy with a plant you can return it within ten days for a replacement, refund or credit.  Please notify us immediately if there is a problem and retain all packing materials until the problem has been resolved.  In the case of mislabeled plants, we will do our best to make amends.

7. We cannot guarantee the future productivity or flower quality of any plant.  Many of the plants are crosses which have not produced flowers yet and any description may be speculative and it is impossible to predict with certainty the outcome of hybrid crosses. Any descriptions are based on past experience and may include information from sibling plants that have already bloomed.  

8. When you send a proposed order please use the provided order blank or ensure that you have included your name, mailing address, shipping address (if different from your mailing address), email address, and telephone number.  List the plant(s) requested, the number requested and the size.  .When the order has been finalized we will notify you of the shipping date either by email or telephone if you have provided that information.  The finalized order will include shipping charges and is subject to your approval before being completed.  

9. The plants listed in the various categories on this site are NOT complete.  If you are looking for a particular species or hybrid you are welcome to send an inquiry.  We will update the inventories and add items as they arrive so if you wish to see everything that we have you should ask for the most recent list.  We will also have specials occasionally and if you want to see those you can send an email and request any specials.  Because of the number of individual Vanda hybrids that we have, they are not listed on this site but you can request that list if you want to see what is available in those.  We will also be doing updated lists of Bulbophyllums on a regular basis.  We have a few large Zygopetalum hybrids that are not listed as well and a few Phragmipediums and other miscellaneous genera